Alizée Armet TBK

As an artist-researcher, Alizée Armet is a new media artist and creative coder. Demystifying the myth of singularity, her practice incorporates computers, 3D printed objects, digital prints and "living materials" (plants, bacteria, etc.) in installations and addresses the creative and innovative context of the 21st century, clarifying the complexity of technology.

Her work awakens the awareness of a philosophical, aesthetic, biological and anthropological vision. Her aim is to create a new ontology in response to the automatic production of machines: What is image consumerism and what is the living? Drawing on the work of artists Špela Petrič, Robertina Šebjanič, Monica Rikić and James Bridle, her main research topics are the creative possibilities of machines, devices and humans and/or artists.

Inspired by machine learning, software and artificial intelligence, she invents speculative machines to experiment with possibilities. She wishes to question our attachment to the ecosystem, while projecting possible scenarios, and critiques the Cartesian separation between nature and culture. Her practice attempts to "decode" the codes and implications of computer society.

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