Antonio Macarro.  (Irún, 1979) A graduate in Fine Arts, his work falls between publishing and audiovisual media. He has worked on editorial projects such as Les Chroniques Purple and published various publications himself like Real people in 2008 or Masterpiece in 2012. In 2008, he founded his own editorial project Many of them, conceived as a desktop publishing initiative from which to establish a forum for discussion and documentation about contemporary artistic practices and generate a record around them.

He has made documentary pieces like The Apartment, with actress Joana Preiss, filmed in 2012 in Coco Chanel’s actual apartment in the Rue Cambon in Paris, from an original text written by Karl Lagerfeld.

In 2013 he made his first documentary film A fime - Expedición, presented as a creative dialogue, that starts off as a sort of manifesto or guideline that the Philippine director Raya Martin established, being developed until forming a much broader collaborative project, recorded in locations as diverse as Jaipur, Delhi, Kyoto, Osaka, Nara, Taipei, New York, Nairobi, Tepozlán, Mexico City, Santiago de Chile, Singapore, Abu Dhabi, Léon (France), Paris or Los Angeles. It is a film that features the special collaboration of the Mexican actress Nathalia Acevedo, who returns to the locations in which the film "Post Tenebras Lux” was filmed by Carlos Reygadas, in which she played the main character, and captures the new journey that starts from that set, that story and its characters. The film has been shown internationally at various film festivals, such as the IBAFF International Film Festival in Murcia or ZINEBI in Bilbao.  Currently, he is in the production stage of his second documentary work: The Lost World - Bibliothèque  Exotique Vol. 1-10 [Panorama Of The Exotic World]
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