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Diego Flórez

(Mieres, 1998). With a degree in Audiovisual Communication from the Uc3m and a master's degree in Electroacoustic Composition from the Katarina Gurska centre, he alternates his line of work between the sound and visual arts. Both often converge on a thematic level, revolving around certain axes that persist in all his creations: nature, the rural, and their relationship with an increasingly urban and globalised world. 

He is a filmmaker, composer and sound designer, reflecting in all his works the tensions between local/global and rural/urban that are reflected in the mixture of materials he uses: on the one hand, field recordings with a strong territorial mark; on the other, digital synthesis and its characteristics, incorporeity and the "absence" of contextual identity. Some of his works are Cum dederit (2020), El fin de todas las cosas (2021) selected for the FICX Lab in 2021 or El ave lira electrónico (2021). 

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