Imanol Abad Martinez TBK

I am an artist based in Bilbao. This year I have finished a master’s degree in Research and Artistic Creation at the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU). I graduated with a degree in Creation and Design at UPV/EHU. I am 23 years old (19/09/2000).

I am interested in the history of popular myths and their expression in art: legends that are not recorded in terms of history, but which give structure to the margins as self-sufficient spaces for creation and the assumption of new realities; imaginaries that condition the ways of living inside and outside society, turning subjects into landscapes, and vice versa. This year I participated in JAI - Institute of Artistic Practices, where I began to formalise this research in a plastic way. At the same time, I am part of a performance collective called Heréticas, and for the last year we have been working on various projects such as Si estás etílicamente guay, Una mala noche la tiene cualquiera and Lesboterrorismo, having presented actions and recordings in Bulego Z/B, El Manglar and the exhibition hall of the Faculty of Fine Arts.

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