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Inmaculada Salinas lives and works in Seville. Always underlying her artistic production is the concern for, analysis of and reflection on any system of power – whether it can be detected at the macro or the micro level, in the visible or the invisible – and the various strategies for accepting or escaping from it. In her way of constructing and narrating, explicitly or implicitly interrelated questions appear, such as Time, understood as motive, element and form, Work, in its broadest sense, and the representation of the Feminine or how this is portrayed by history. She is interested in women’s voices, what they say or are silent about and the reasons for both attitudes. Her most recent solo exhibitions include: La voz a ti debida, 1MiraMadrid, Madrid, 2023; Voces en el bosque, La Virreina Centre de la Imatge, Barcelona, 2023; Memoria del presente, ICAS, Seville, 2020.

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