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Joana Moya - Noka 2023

Joana Moya (Bilbao, 1985) studies geology and contemporary dance in the Basque Country. Since 2010, Moya has worked with images, incorporating these disciplines into her audiovisual projects. In 2022, she directed her first short film entitled ‘Todo lo cubre la sal’, which was selected for festivals including Doclisboa, Zinebi, and Malaga. With this work, Moya develops a poetic language through a portrait of female net menders along the Basque coast. A connection with geology is the seed of her first full-length feature, ‘La Koreana, un poema ferromagnético de luz y memoria’, a project in development that has been selected by the Matadero Residency Centre together with Cineteca, Noka Mentoring (Tabakalera), and Dirdira Lab. Originating from a family portrait, the piece experiments with the scale of geological time, folding, faults, and other transformations to dig into the memory of a mountain through a non-linear narrative inspired by the dynamics of the earth itself.

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