Jonathan Escapa Etxaniz TBK

Escapa’s artistic practice is based on constant research for new materials, gestures, and imaginations, prioritising processes open to dialogue opposite projective, closed systems. He works not only with raw materials, but also manufactured objects, parts of previous projects, and found elements, always open to new readings and opportunities. Analysing and putting into practice what can arise out of this combination of more traditional techniques and less orthodox strategies is what awakens the artist’s passion, working from a place of interest in what happens in these spheres of indetermination. Escapa deems almost everything worthy of being included in his work in one way or another, as if wishing to take measure of beauty. He imagines both work processes and the body itself as tools for action and thought. After graduating from the UPV-EHU with a degree in Fine Arts, Escapa completed his Master’s in ceramics. He earned the Azpeitia City Council’s 2022 “Sorkuntza” grant, and had his workspace in the so-called Dinamoa Sormen Gunea creative space. In autumn 2023, he participated in a creative residency at this same space, after passing through JAI (Institute for Artistic Practices). Escapa is currently working in Tabakalera with an allocated workspace.

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