Writer, research from the Institute of Philosophy of the Spanish National Scientific Research Council, and university professor of Art, Anthropology, Creative Writing, and
Gender Studies. Her work is oriented towards the critical study of contemporary culture, feminism, creation, and the internet. She is the author of the essays El bucle
invisible (
Nobel, 2022), Frágiles (Anagrama 2021), El entusiasmo. Precariedad y trabajo creativo en la era digital (2017 Anagrama Essay Award and Estado Crítico Award), Ojos y capital (Consonni, 2018), (h)adas (El Público Award for Writing and the 2013 Malaga Essay Prize), Un cuarto propio conectado (Fórcola, 2010), among others. Her work has earned the International Jovellanos Essay Award, the Meridiana Culture Award, The Associació de Dones Periodistes de Catalunya Communication Award, the Caja Madrid Essay Award, the Leonor de Guzmán Chair Research Award, and the Carmen de Burgos Essay Award. Zafra has curated a diverse set of projects on art and technology, participated in the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology’s ACT work group, and directed the Equisceroyuno platform for artistic practice and research on identity and social media.

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Writer and researcher