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Foto: Rafa Rodrigo.

(Photo: Rafa Rodrigo)

Ainara LeGardon (Bilbao, 1976) has been an active musician and artist since 1991. She develops a prolific work in the field of rock, improvisation and experimental music, both solo and as part of different artistic collectives and stage projects.

She has presented her music and developed sound pieces and performative actions on stages in Europe and the United States, self-managing her career since 2003.

Her works involve the reinterpretation and shaping of her processes of listening, creation, twisting and destruction, whether in the form of music, poems and sound actions or stage interventions.

In parallel to her artistic activity, she carries out extensive work as a researcher and disseminator in the field of cultural management and intellectual property.

Her artistic activity can be followed at and that related to her teaching at

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